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Fabulous Fitted Wardrobes Offer Stylish Storage Space

Today’s fitted wardrobes have come a long way in terms of design, style, and storage. Gone are the days of factory-built cabinets filled with dust and mothballs. Nowadays, custom wardrobes are upscale and fully modern, offering a plethora of sophisticated and contemporary features perfect for storing all your most prized possessions, from clothes to shoes and even jewellery.

The unique designs of these custom built wardrobes make them an ideal space-saving solution for any bedroom. With the combination of shelves, drawers, and other elements, you can create a multi-functional space that enhances not only the aesthetics but also the functionality of your wardrobe. These wardrobes truly offer something for everyone, catering to your unique needs and lifestyle.

So if you’re looking for a chic, modern, and functional storage option, look no further than today’s fitted wardrobes. With their sleek, customizable designs, you’ll be able to create the perfect storage solution for your bedroom that perfectly fits your style and needs.


Styles of Built in Wardrobes​

Alcove wardrobes that have been designed to make full use of the alcoves in your bedroom.

Modern styled wardrobes can be a great style for your home, with a consideration of maximising your storage

Shaker design brings simple clean lines that blend in to any surrounding with timeless appeal.

Charming Victorian style built in wardrobes are made bespoke to fit in to many period homes

Customisation Configurations & Features to Fit Your Lifestyle

The possibilities of flexible wardrobe storage solutions are nearly infinite. 

Consider optimising inside wardrobe storage spaces through functional design with hanging rails or cubby shelving for jumpers and other large items.

Pull out trays for shoe and handbag storage for easy effortless access is also available.

Wardrobe drawers can replace a chest of drawers, or an accessory drawer for belts and other items.


Your bespoke wardrobe storage can be designed to illuminate your clothes with internal lighting. 

So, forget grappling in the dark to get dressed or retrieve items.

With our full customising service we can design the inside of your wardrobe to fit your requirements. 

To help you create the ideal wardrobe design for you, we have created the fitted wardrobe design guide.

Hanging rail wih lighting

Wardrobe design guide

How much storage do you need in your Fitted wardrobes?

To make your bespoke storage space work for you, think about how to divide the wardrobe storage space to suit your requirements

  • Hanging space – how much hanging do you require?

  • Hanging Height
    • Suits, Jackets, shirts require around 1 meter
    • for trousers allow around 80 cm

  • Double Hanging  Rails
    • allow 80 cm to 1 meter hanging per rail

  • Long hanging
    • allow 150 cm to 180 cm
  • Jumpers dont hang well so are better off on shelves or in drawers

  • Over head shelving is a great place for large items that are not used often.

  • Adjustable Shelves for infinite flexibility

  • Cubby shelves for compartmentalised storage

  • A deep shelf space for other items such as Towels, Bed sheets and Duvets

  • Airing Cupboard type Slatted shelving
  • Dont skimp on drawer cost, we have all seen cheap ones fall apart (MFI springs to mind!) strong drawers on quality runners will give a life time of use, insist on thick bottoms with no possibility of ever collapsing.

  • Accessory drawers and should be around 10cm deep

  • Shallow drawers of around 15cm for socks & underwear.

  • Deeper drawers can be made to be accessible internally or externally.

  • Use larger drawers lower down, with depth of around 30cm for jumpers and bulky items
  • Pull out trays – with open fronted viewing

  • Shallow drawers for flexibility as you can use them for other then shoes.

  • Show rack frames to place on back of doors
  • Mirrored doors can be created by replacing  solid panel with a mirror.

  • Use the back of doors for a handy place for mirrors,

  • Place Mirrors on the back of adjacent doors for your all around mirrored dressing room!

Storage to Fit Your Space

There are many huge benefits to having a custom fitted wardrobe in the bedroom. 

The top benefit our customers realise is a newfound sense of extra space. 

No more bulky free-standing dressers, everyday items are stashed away yet easily accessible. 

All the free space you have once the wardrobe is installed can be left open or filled with furniture or décor.

Whether you inhabit a huge loft or tiny urban flat, a wardrobe can be custom built to fit your space. 

Our large fitted bedroom wardrobes provide expansive amounts of storage features spanning a full wall if desired. 

These larger built-ins are ideal for big houses and lofts with master bedroom suites and allow for a range of storage features to organise your things including lots of hanging space, deep wide drawers, open shelves, pullout trays, shoe racks and more.


Often installed from ceiling to floor, wardrobes make the ideal storage for today’s small interior spaces.

For studios and tiny flats where furniture needs to be wholly purposeful and multi-functional the wardrobe provides the ultimate space-saving storage solution available.

Wardrobes can be fitted to the most unusual shape and sized rooms and provide an individual touch to enhance your slumber spaces. 

Creating a wardrobe to make the most of your available square footage is what we love doing.

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"A well designed fitted wardrobe will bring the peace and calm of organisation and high function to your life."

Internal Arrangements for your Wardrobes

Full Long Hanging

Double Hanging

Half Shelving

Hanging Surrounding Shelving

Low Cubby Shelving

Twin Column Shelving

Hanging Drawers & Shelves

Hanging & Wide Drawers

Fitted Wardrobe Door Styles

Expert Craftsmanship & Precision Installation​

At Built-In Solutions, we take pride in delivering exceptional quality built-in wardrobes that are completely tailored to your unique requirements. Our team of skilled craftspeople work diligently to construct each wardrobe with unparalleled attention to detail, ensuring that every component is meticulously finished to the highest possible standard. You can rest assured that your wardrobe will be installed with care and precision by our experienced outfitters, leaving you with a product that is both beautiful and functional.

What sets us apart from the competition is our unmatched commitment to providing truly personalised solutions that exceed your expectations. We work closely with you throughout the design process to ensure that your custom built-in or fitted wardrobe is perfectly optimised to suit your specific needs and priorities. With our uncompromising attention to quality and a focus on delivering exceptional value for money, we are confident that you will be thrilled with your new wardrobe.

Finest Materials & Finishes​

Every piece of fitted furniture that we create for your home is made with the best quality material and professionally finished and installed.

The materials used are based on each customer’s desires whether you choose a solid wood or a painted finish for a modern look. We will use the finest materials possible to fit within each budget.

Creating the perfect finish for your furniture is perhaps the most important factor bringing to life your design, as this is what makes the furniture look great, therefore we offer a range of finishes from hand painted with paint from various suppliers for example, Farrow & ball, or Little Greene,

Spraying your furniture gives you the best possible finish. We can spray paint your furniture with any of the above paints, or alternatively in an extra hard lacquer to provide a lifetime of use in any range or sheen levels, from eggshell to gloss and is available in any colour.

Finishing is carried out in our workshop prior to each piece been fitted to your home, meaning your furniture will be ready sooner with less disruption.

Materials & Finishes

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