Consultation Phase

It is incredibly important that you choose and work with a fitted furniture company that will be able to envision your ideas, especially when you’re investing in enhancing your home and purchasing custom-fitted furniture. We ensure that we work with our clients to achieve the best quality furniture without sacrificing on service. 

Our ethos is to put you at the heart of the design process, taking on board your ideas and stylistic flairs to guarantee you fitted furniture that fits seamlessly into your home and lasts you for many years to come.

Design and Consultation (Fitted Furniture)

We have an leading dedicated designer that will oversee your project and consultation. They will visit your home and discuss all of the great features you want to include in your custom fitted furniture as well as talk you through the comprehensive style and materials options that we have available. 

Integral to the design and consultation is the designer understanding the dynamic and atmosphere within your home, it is like a designer’s sixth sense that is drawn on to create fitted furniture that is completely bespoke and integrates fully with your surroundings and lifestyle.

Another key aspect of the consultation stage is to take measurements needed to construct the fitted furniture, with all furniture crafted being constructed with millimetre perfect precision. This means that you have the confidence that when the furniture arrives to be installed it will sit perfectly in the area you want it without unsightly gaps or areas that dust and dirt can accumulate. 

Our designers are incredibly precise and talented, they will even be able to draw up rough sketches of the overall design so that you can envision what the final design will look like.

Preparation is Vital

We understand that your time is a valuable commodity so we look to make sure our consultation stage is an enjoyable and engaging experience. In order to better prepare you for the meeting, we ask that you follow these 3 simple steps to get the best results.

  • Ensure you have a good understanding of what you want to achieve in both storage and styles.
  • If you find pictures in our gallery or elsewhere on the internet of styles, themes or materials you want to be included, feel free to collate them to show your designer.
  • Finally, please allow for access to the space where you want the fitted furniture to be installed as your designer will need to take exact measurements.

Quote and Full Designs (Fitted Furniture)

Once the consultation has been completed your dedicated designer will take away all of the information that has been provided and finalise a quote. The quote is given with a full breakdown of costs for complete transparency and will be presented with the inclusion of all your ideas. We really do tailor make our service to each and every client.

We are sure you will be delighted with the price, but if you have questions or wish to switch to cheaper materials then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Our aim is to provide the best quality fitted furniture for your budget.

Once the quote has been accepted you can instantly commission us to complete the project which will start with a full custom fitted furniture design. This will have all of the technical specifications as well as give you visuals of how the furniture will look once completed and installed.