Built in Furniture Installation

We understand that your home is a place to be treated with respect, it is your personal space and we work hard to ensure that all of our installations are done expediently and in as stress-free a manner as possible.

We take utmost care to make sure that the installation is prepared for and completed in a safe manner and that we leave the property without so much as a loose pin left behind. 

Our installation team has one thing in mind, get the furniture assembled and fitted and not cause disruption while doing so.

Our Installation Team

As with our design and craftsmen teams, our installation team has been chosen with expertise and quality in mind.

We believe it is important that our team arrives exactly when they say they will and that they will have the work completed in the correct time frame.

Minimising disruption in this way allows you to relax during the installation phase and not miss too much time away from your family or work.

Our team will always leave the house as tidy as it was when they arrived, it is unheard of that any of our installation team have left a client with a mess to tidy up.


Finishing Your Fitted Furniture

While there will be instances where furniture comes pre-painted in your selected colours. We will apply multiple coats of paint during the paint process as this promotes the best longevity as well as the best finish results. 

Paint gives your custom fitted furniture an added layer of protection and protects the surfaces that are most likely to wear due to most engagement and contact.

If you have selected Spray painting, your furniture will be ready the day of completion, however with hand painting we recommend that you wait at a few days before using your furniture to allow for the paint to dry fully.