Built in bookcase
Built in bookcases

Built In Bookcases

Built in Bookcases improve the overall aesthetic and functionality of your living space, you can never go wrong with built-in bookcases for a display space or just regular books. Not only do they provide a practical storage solution, but they also add a touch of warmth and vibrancy to any dreary corner of your house.
Lucky for you, we happen to be the leading built-in bookcase and cabinet makers in the area, committed to providing top-quality storage solutions that are both functional and beautiful, regardless of your budget. What sets us apart is our attention to detail and commitment to crafting bespoke fitted furniture that is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

We take immense pride in our work, ensuring that every piece of furniture we create is crafted with care and precision, right down to the last detail. You can sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the luxurious experience of having your own custom-made furniture that meets your exact requirements.

Bespoke Bookcases, Made to Measure and Built to Last

When we embark on the task of creating your customized bookshelves, we leave no stone unturned. We don’t just focus on the aesthetic appeal, but we look into the functionality and durability of the bookshelves. Our priority is to design a perfect fit for your space and address all your unique requirements. 

From the selection of sturdy and high-quality wood that can withstand wear and tear, to applying a protective lacquer finish, we focus on providing a durable and long-lasting product. We infuse our craftsmanship into each phase of the construction and pay attention to even the smallest detail to ensure that your customized bookcases serve their purpose for a long time and remain visually pleasing for years to come. 

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Fitted Bookcases

Our Design Inspiration

IIf you’re struggling for bookcase ideas, or you aren’t sure about how best to implement or reclaim dead spaces within the house, have a look at our complete list of fitted bookcases ideas. 

There are so many options and features available with built in bookcases, we are confident that with a bit of inspiration you can find an elegant and practical built in bookcase or fitted home library for any unused space within your home.

Another very popular built in bookcases option is to have contemporary and crisp built in bookcases in white.

Small home library

These modern built in bookcases fit perfectly in almost any setting and stylishly accentuate your home décor. 

We provide built in bookcases in a range of colours, woods and finishes, giving you the option to fully customise the appearance of your fitted bookcases and be confident they will match your property interior.

Another underutilised space that can easily be reclaimed is the alcove spaces in our homes, alcove bookcases look grand and impressive whilst providing a valuable storage solution.

Contemporary modern built in book shelves 2

Our alcove bookcases and alcove bookshelves are one of our most popular built in bookcases solution and with so much versatility and design options it is not difficult to see why. 

All of our alcove bookcases are custom-made fitted bookcases, made to measure and to your taste and specifications.

The corners of rooms are notoriously difficult to utilise, most free-standing furniture doesn’t sit flush to the walls even though it might have been designed with corners in mind. This leads to freestanding furniture accumulating dust and dirt.

low level fitted bookcases in white


By selecting bookcases for corners that are built in and fitted to the angle of your corners, you can reclaim vacant corner spaces and not worry about the dust pitfalls of common furniture solutions. What’s more, fitted bookcases for corners look amazing and provide a unique corner focal point.

All of our built in furniture can be adapted to include bookcases and book storage, we also advocate having adjustable bookcases shelves or bespoke shelving which can be height adjusted or removed entirely as your book collection grows. 

Having this flexibility means that your fitted furniture matches the changing tempo of your life and reflects your preferences at any given moment. 

With flexible shelves means that you can move away from the troublesome bookshelves mounted on walls and have a framed setting for your entire book collection.

Many of our built in bookcases feature additional storage such as base cabinets and doors.

Bookcase with doors

This gives your bookcase a dual-purpose usage and also sets apart your unique furniture even more.

Create dynamic and visually stunning built in bookcases with cabinets and doors to give your bookcases that little extra wow factor.  

For period or traditional properties, you might want to consider bookcases in oak. These built in bookcases are crafted in oak which is a highly sought after, durable and attractive material.

contemporary Fitted Bookcase with chunky shelves

Remember that as a wood type, Oak is heavy. Ensure that all of your fitted furniture is crafted by us to make your bookcases in Oak sit perfectly in the designed space and anchored correctly to the walls to prevent toppling.

Our built in bookcases can be featured and installed in any room throughout your house, one of our personal favourites is built in bookcases with desks.

Bookcase with desk

Built in bookcases offer the perfect opportunity to store all of those treasured bedtime stories and come with the ability to customise and add  other storage elements such as bookcases with drawers for toy storage.

Appearance can be tailored to your preference with some opting for bright colours while other customers prefer built in bookcases that a child can grow into and will be useful for a greater number of years.

Today LED TV’s are now very narrow and can be placed on a shelf, surrounded by lots of books, creating a  built in TV unit that is also a custom shelving unit.

Our custom-made fitted furniture is created with you in mind, we design and create all aspects of your bespoke made furniture that accentuate your living space.

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All of our bespoke furniture is constructed using only strong and robust materials.

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