Fitted TV media unit
Built in TV UNIT

Built in TV units

We pride ourselves in offering exceptional, handcrafted media centres that cater to the needs of tech-savvy households. As we know, modern homes usually have multiple television sets and other accompanying gadgets and technology that offer an enhanced viewing experience. Our bespoke fitted media centres are designed to perfectly house your TV, inclusive of all the additional boxes and various media platforms in your possession.

Our cutting edge technology demands an equally elegant and stylish TV media unit that serves as the perfect media backdrop. We offer various multimedia cabinets and cupboards, as well as TV wall units that cater to modern living, offered in a multitude of designs and all fully customisable. Our units are designed to be a dedicated space for all of your TV needs, ensuring that your space remains neat and organised.

Say goodbye to unsightly wiring and untidy setups as our units are designed to showcase your Blu-ray, DVD and Game collections. Our units also provide secure housing for your surround sound and set-top boxes, providing everything you need in one sleek and modern package.

Custom TV Media Entertainment centres (Designed Around You)

Our TV wall units and TV media centres are created and designed around you and your lifestyle.

Some people opt for simple, classic TV cabinet arrangements that house the TV atop the cupboards and use the elegantly designed cabinets beneath for storage.

Others opt for whole wall features that centre the TV and provide cabinet storage as well as cubby holes and shelving around for books, games and DVDs.

Minimalist TV fitted furniture accentuates your TV and keeps clutter completely out of sight. Other TV fitted furniture showcases all of the wonderful tech that you own as well as ornaments, family heirlooms and photographs of loved ones.

Regardless of which option you prefer, all TV fitted furniture has incredible functionality and is designed to hide wiring and other electrical components.

Spot lighting gives your media centre that extra “WOW” factor and can really transform your TV fitted furniture into something masterful, especially in the evening/night-time hours.

TV Media Ideas

There are so many options to consider and choose from when creating your custom TV fitted furniture. Do you want the TV to be given sole pride of place? Or would you prefer a central TV location surrounded by shelves and cubby holes to give a more comfortable and relaxed feel?

Does your shelving need spotlighting and what colours will you want the furniture?

Would you like it to take up an entire wall or would it be more practical to build your fitted media furniture into an alcove?

built in media cabinets for flat screen tvs

Which design speaks to you the most? Are you looking for something post-modern and minimalist with blanket white colours and clean crisp edges? Or are you looking for something more traditional, preferring warm wood tones and rounded edges?

Maybe, your dream custom fitted TV furniture incorporates a bit of everything. We have the design know-how to bring together your ideas into one seamless and elegant piece of furniture.

To house all your Audio visual components, TV media Cupboards are custom designed and built to not only be highly functional but look really good, and will make a feature in your room.

With a wide range of design that can be tailored to your equipment and all cables neatly placed out of view. Spaces to mount surround sound speakers or a subwoofer with plenty of built in storage.

Styles can range from a piece that makes a statement, or with doors to hide away the TV when not in use or one in a minimal contemporary design with clean lines.

Bespoke TV Wall units make a fantastic way to display your flat screen TV, with a space purposely made for your sound bar, what more do you need? 

Why not combine your wall units with shelves surrounding for placement of books or just a great display space.


With masses of space to house a large screen TV.

Large TV Media units or entertainment units that are bespoke made to measure can be designed in a variety of ways to accommodate all your audio visual equipment.

As well as considerable space for other items that you may want to display on bookshelves or little nooks purpose designed for special piece.

Contemporary TV wall units in Living room

Asymmetrical shelving arrangement will give your TV media units the wow factor and will be the centre piece in your home. 

Complete with handle-less shaker doors, or flat contemporary, perhaps with a  shadow gap to add definition.

Leaving small space to the ceiling will add depth, LED up lighting will create soft lighting to bath your media furniture and room in a soft light.

built in TV unit with drawers and shelves

Custom made Built in TV unit

A built-in TV unit is the perfect solution for those looking to maximize space and create a sleek and organized living area. With its seamless integration into the room, a built-in TV unit offers both functionality and style.

Gone are the days of bulky entertainment centres taking up valuable floor space. A built-in TV unit allows you to utilize wall space efficiently, freeing up room for other furniture or décor. By seamlessly blending into the wall, it creates a clean and streamlined look that enhances the overall aesthetic of your living space.

Custom Made TV Furniture by Our Amazing Team

Not only does a built-in TV unit provide an elegant solution to housing your television, but it also offers ample storage options. With customizable shelves, cabinets, and drawers, you can easily store media devices, gaming consoles, DVDs, or even display cherished items like family photos or decorative pieces.

Furthermore, a built-in TV unit can be designed to accommodate any size or style of television. Whether you have a small flat-screen or a large smart TV, there are endless possibilities when it comes to designing your ideal entertainment centre.

Investing in a built-in TV unit not only adds value to your home but also enhances your viewing experience. With wires neatly concealed and clutter minimized, you can fully immerse yourself in your favourite shows or movies without distractions.

In conclusion, a built-in TV unit offers both practicality and aesthetics by maximizing space utilization while providing storage solutions. It’s time to take your living area to new heights with this innovative addition that combines functionality with style.

Finest Materials & Finishes​

Every piece of fitted furniture that we create for your home is made with the best quality material and professionally finished and installed.

The materials used are based on each customer’s desires whether you choose a solid wood or a painted finish for a modern look. We will use the finest materials possible to fit within each budget.

Creating the perfect finish for your furniture is perhaps the most important factor bringing to life your design, as this is what makes the furniture look great, therefore we offer a range of finishes from hand painted with paint from various suppliers for example, Farrow & ball, or Little Greene,

Spraying your furniture gives you the best possible finish. We can spray paint your furniture with any of the above paints, or alternatively in an extra hard lacquer to provide a lifetime of use in any range or sheen levels, from eggshell to gloss and is available in any colour.

Finishing is carried out in our workshop prior to each piece been fitted to your home, meaning your furniture will be ready sooner with less disruption.

Materials & Finishes

Expert Craftsmanship & Precision Installation​

Each one of our built-in TV units are constructed to your specification by our own in-house team, expert craftspeople and installed by our own skilled outfitters. We specialise in creating  quality personalised built in TV units to exceed your expectations.

Our built in built-in TV  furniture is guaranteed to ideally optimise your space in a functional, adaptable and elegant design delivered for a reasonable price. 

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