Built in Solutions : Crafting & Constructing

Your dedicated designer will with your approval hand the designs to the craftsmen that make up our expert furniture making team.

There is a lot of expertise that goes into constructing fitted furniture and our craftsmen understand the complexities of working with a range of different materials as well as how best to implement the design for practicality and robustness.

The many factors that a craftsman has to take into account mean that this can sometimes be a painstaking process, ensuring that every technical aspect is executed perfectly.

All of our craftsmen have spent many years in the fitted furniture trade, all are highly qualified and each has dedicated a large portion of their lives perfecting the skills that it takes to create beautiful bespoke fitted furniture.

For that reason, our craftsmen have a sought after reputation as leaders in the manufacture of high quality fitted furniture.


Fully Custom Made Furniture

While some companies rely on pre-fabricated designs, we take extreme pride in creating unique furniture for all of our customers, it might take longer but the end result is fully functional, robust and beautiful fitted furniture so we think that extra effort is rewarding for both ourselves and our clients.

Your custom fitted furniture will undergo design tests to ensure that our high standards are met throughout the construction process. Some of the things we test rigorously are

  • Is the design going to produce furniture robust enough that it stands the test of time?
  • Are the materials being used in the best way to achieve the best results from the design?
  • Is it better to pre-construct the entire unit within our workshop or will the construction need to be assembled fully during the installation phase?

Our Workshop

You may have heard the expression, using the right tool for the job. That phrase has never been truer than in our workshop. 

Our craftsmen know that materials often need different tools to get the best results and even simple things like hardwoods vs softwoods require a different amount of attention. 

We have kitted out our workshops with the latest tech and tools in order to produce the best finish on your fitted furniture and there has been no expense spared.

We are confident that our workshop is one of the most equipped in the area and it is one of the many reasons our craftsmen find so much enjoyment working for us. 

Day in day out they have a dynamic range of projects, working with the finest materials and the best machinery.


Every aspect of construction is taken care of in the workshop ensuring that the assembly at the installation phase is done safely and without a single hiccup. 

Precision is as vital to our craftsmen as it is our design team.