Fitted home office in Marlow
Fitted home office in Marlow

Fitted Home Office Furniture in Marlow & High Wycombe

Marlow sits perfectly on the fringes of London and is home to many commuters, however in recent times, more and more people are opting to avoid the hustle and bustle of the London commute and work from home. 

This has seen a huge surge in popularity among Marlow residents for home office solutions and we have seen our business increase four-fold in recent years meeting the demand of fitting our home offices

We are incredibly happy to serve the Marlow community and stand tall as the number one trusted home office furniture fitters in Marlow and the surrounding area.

What is Fitted Home Office Furniture?

This really depends on a number of factors such as the nature of work you do and the amount of space you have in your home that you can dedicate to being a home office. 

Our Fitted home office furniture varies widely from fully kitted out home offices with 360 shelving to smaller desk and storage combinations. 

Even tiny details such as the materials required to construct your furniture will vary from job to job, with those drawing up plans and blueprints needing scratch resistant surfaces, and computer programmers not being too concerned about this as they work on their computers.

Whatever your job may be or whatever need you have for a home office; we are confident that we have a complete home office solution that works for you and meets your budget.

Typical Fitted Home Office Furniture Designs

Marlow Fitted Home Office Furniture Ideas

As you can tell, the home offices that we craft are varied and no two offices are ever the same, but we do have many things that are requested universally. Here are some of our most popular Marlow home office ideas;

  • Hidden cubbyholes to house printers and scanners.
  • Desks for housing desktops and laptops.
  • Storage cabinets with lockable drawers/doors.
  • Comfortable aesthetic to match the rest of the home decor.

Even these few options have probably got you thinking about other ideas and possibilities and we would love to hear them so that we can give you a FREE quote for your home office furniture.

When constructing your fitted home office furniture, we incorporate stylish designs that integrate fully with the technology you use within the home office. 

Most home offices are built around a desk feature for computer support and include cabinets for storage (that can come with optional locking mechanisms for security), shelving for files or decoration and cubby holes to house current paperwork or any additional technology such as a printer or a scanner.

A great advantage to designing bespoke custom-made office furniture is that you can dictate any security features you wish to install. Many home offices house confidential information or even sums of money. We can create and implement security features such as keylocks, digital locks and lockboxes into you’re the office.

Added security to built in and anchored home office furniture gives you that extra peace of mind that all of your personal information, confidential data and money is held securely.

A popular small home study idea is to build a functional all in one desk and shelving arrangement that is built into the space under stairs. 

Under stairs Home office furniture

Built in furniture under stairs makes a great use of space to create a light and spacious home study area, with a curved corner desk maximising space with shelves and storage within easy reach.

They look stunning, are incredibly versatile and will give even the smallest home office space a light and airy feel.

Another great space for a small built in study is an Alcove.

Living space is usually a higher priority in your home then a fitted home office, or you may only need a desk space to work at.

Considering smaller spaces such as Alcoves around a fireplace, or any other small unusable spaces that can house a few shelves and a desk, this creates a great working space that doesnt take up much room.


Marlow Home Office Furniture – Making Your Design

Our process is as easy as one, two, three. The first step is to click below and make an enquiry and we will book an appointment with our design specialist to attend your property.

The second step will be when the design specialist draws up your home office plans, discusses with you in detail what you’re looking for and takes important measurements of the room where the home office furniture will be housed.

The third and final step is we will craft your unique furniture at our dedicated workshop before shipping it to your home and installing it for you. 

We make sure we keep as much of the crafting and construction away from your home as possible as we realise you likely don’t want the added mess and hassle while you’re trying to work and run your business.

Designing a functional Bespoke Home Office

There are a raft of options available to incorporate in the design your home office,  thos this effect we have produces a simple guide.

The arrangement of your office will ultimately depend on the size and shape of your room. The aim is to organise your space as efficiently as possible by arranging everything within easy reach.

How much you require will depend on the amount of books, box files or folders you have, also consider space for manuals, software boxes, catalogues and other items that may require shelving space in your office or library.

Office bookcases or Library shelving can be created in many places, consider an over-desk bookcase or shelving if you are short of space, or just trying to maximise your study storage.
All bookcases can be fitted with adjustable shelving for flexibility of use.


  • Several drawers for stationary and odd bits and pieces is usually enough. Have drawers located next to your sitting area provides easy access
  • Add a filing draw under the stationary drawers for easy access to everyday documents that your may need close at hand
  • Further non-essential filing drawers can be placed out of the way
  • Deep drawers can be fitted with filing inserts

Unless you have a very larger printer, which may have its own supporting printer cabinet, most can be placed on a pullout printer tray within a cupboard. 


  • Doors and drawers can be made with quality fittings such as soft close or push to open.
  • Pop up Power docks


  • Combine some glazed doors with lighting to create a softer look
  • USB power hubs close at hand
  • Wireless charging points for gadget lovers
  • Ergonomic Height raised desks to aid with posture

Lighting can be placed almost anywhere with the latest LED technology,
Whether in over head bookcases around your desk, lighting can project a sense of space in your fitted home office.

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