Alcove cupboards Marlow
Alcove cupboards Marlow

Alcove Cupboards in Marlow & High Wycombe

Alcove cupboards that have been custom designed, fit seamlessly in your home. They look great in the alcoves area either side of the fireplace, provide lots of storage and help our living rooms remain clutter free.

Elegantly designed, and custom made to fit your alcove space in,  we are so proud to serve Marlow, High Wycombe and the surrounding area.

Most period homes in Marlow have fireplaces, giving way to a recessed alcove’s either side of it. Alcove cupboards fitted in to these spaces not only uplift and enhance those dull corners, but they provide a multipurpose storage area.

Our custom-made alcove cupboards are designed to fit the alcove space perfectly and provide the greatest amount of storage whilst transforming the whole look of your room.

Alcove Cupboards in Marlow Homes

Alcove cupboards not only sprite up a room and add character, they provide great storage, and a place for your TV, they pretty much the perfect solution for storage.

Enhanced even further by adding shelves in alcoves, a great place to display photos or ornaments 

Made to measure, these pieces not only enhance your room, but also adds beauty to the whole house along with creating a lot of space for more storage and decoration. These furniture solutions for Marlow not only make our lives easy but they change the aura of the room.

Designing the perfect alcove cupboard is straightforward with a little bit of know-how and we are positive you will be immensely pleased with the final product.

Marlow Alcove Cupboard – Timeless Design

Keeping your rooms clean and mess free is an ongoing battle, if only a little thought can go in to storage planning. House builders nowadays try to create as much space as possible to show of the generously proportioned rooms, by removing or reducing as much storage as possible and creating various unused nooks and alcoves.

With a range of styles, and a design that can be fine-tuned specifically to your requirements, addition of drawers, cubby holes and shelves, an almost limitless way to make yours work for you can be achieved.

Our full customised Alcove cupboards are tailor-made to measure. Created with quality materials to suit any budget. Spray painting in a lacquer, that’s harder and more resilient then normal indoor wood paint will provide you many years of use, and enjoyed for years to come.

Alcove Cupboard Designs

Length up to - 1.3m wide (5 feet)
2 door Alcove cupboard with Wide bookcase shelves
wide bookcase shelves
two door Alcove cupboard with twin column bookcase shelves
twin column bookcase
2 door alcove cupboard twin column bookcase with display area
twin column with
display area
2 door alcove cupboard with twin column shelving with area for TV
twin column with area for TV
Alcove cupboards with drawers
cupboard with drawers
Length over - 1.3m wide (5 feet)
3 door alcove cupboard with twin column bookcase shelves
twin column bookcase
3 door alcove cupboard with three column bookcase
3 column bookcase
3 door alcove cupboard with twin column bookcase, and display area
twin column with display area
3 door alcove cupboard with three column bookcase and display area
3 column with
display area
3 door alcove cupboard with twin column bookcase With TV area
twin column with area for TV

Alcove Cupboard Designs

Marlow & High Wycombe Alcove Cupboard Ideas

The beauty of hiring us to create your alcove cupboards in Marlow is that we will tailor-make your cupboards to meet your storage requirements as well as match your style.

Many of our customers look to us to guide them through the alcove cupboard design process because there are so many wonderful options.

Here are our favourite Marlow alcove cupboard ideas;

  • Custom made cupboards to fit into any alcove or along straight walls.
  • Cupboards at the base with display shelving above. 
  • Bespoke shelving units designed to house and display book and DVD collections.
  • Alcove entertainment centre storage for your DVD player, Skybox etc. with concealed wiring.
  • Cupboards and storage solutions for children’s toys.
  • Full range of colours, styles and materials available to blend into existing décor.
  • Alcove back-lighting to enhance the area further and give your living space a crisp contemporary aesthetic
  • Looking for more, please view our page for built in cupboard ideas

There are so many Marlow alcove cupboard variations and we can’t wait to hear your ideas so we can design your alcove cupboard project.

What are Alcove Cupboards?

Alcove cupboards are storage solutions that are built into alcoves and recesses that you may have in your house.

Period homes architecture includes a fireplace, and most period homes in Marlow have a real fireplace, even though it may not be used as one, with the advent of central heating.

Fitting alcove cupboards in you Marlow home can make use of all those unused or dead spaces either side of the fireplace, and create fantastic storage, and also looks beautiful.

A number of different bespoke furniture pieces can be created to make use of this space such as Floating shelves,  Alcove bookcases and TV media Units.

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